Reducing Anxiety in a Pandemic

Submitted by Myers Davis on Thu, 08/13/2020 - 12:24 pm
pandemic anxiety

No one could have predicted that a pandemic would occur and that the world as we know it would be flipped upside down.  Understanding a virus can be hard to do, especially when top scientists in the world are still trying to understand how the virus operates.  Coronavirus 19 (CoVID-19) has been a new addition to our world and it has caused extreme damage and death in our nation.

Decrease Social Media

If you are going through a bit of a depression, looking at social media can exacerbate your depression. Looking at other people post happy and fun family events can make your sadness intensify.  This is similar to CoVID-19 news, which can be sensationalized to gain viewers.  The stats and information can be skewed to invoke fear in the population to get them to self-isolate.  Therefore, watching the news and stats can be very troubling.  Limit viewing to reputable sources, like the Center for Disease Control, and even then, only look weekly to keep stress levels down.

Do Not Engage

There are so many worries out there that you cannot ignore.  You may have a fear of the virus, a fear of a struggling business, losing your job, or the vulnerability of family members.  You cannot control the fears that will creep in, but you can decide to stop them from dwelling and causing worry and anxiety.

Focus on Present Odds

There are many horror stories out there of the virus killing young and healthy individuals.  The number of deaths is climbing and the news will report all of them.  Take a little comfort in knowing the overall statistics are very low for you and your family, especially if you maintain a safe distance, wear masks, and isolate.  The mortality rate if you do contract the virus is very low in the overall population and there are new treatments, like blood transfusions from individuals who have already had CoVID-19.

Do Not React

We all have an occasional cough or sneeze, especially during the fall when allergies can start to occur due to the change of season.  Do not overthink your symptoms and believe that you have contracted the virus.  Keep a thermometer to check if you feel a little tired and have some of the other symptoms, but don’t jump to conclusions over a simple cough.

Be Productive

We have all caught ourselves saying we wish we had more time to do the things we love.  Therefore, consider this strange moment in time a nice vacation.  When you are on quarantine, consider looking at projects to do around the house or out in the yard.  Take a hike in a state park and get outside and enjoy nature.

CDC Guidelines

With all of the chaos and recommendations, only consider the CDC guidelines and what they have to say about the safety of your immediate environment.  Consider traveling only to places that are in a safe zone and not a hot spot for the virus.