Vaccines and your Health

Those that grew up in the 1900’s, were not as privileged as our generation with the vaccinations we now have.  A vaccination can keep entire populations from obtaining disease that can cause death.  Ensuring your region is vaccinated, ensures they don’t have to fight off disease that we have already found protection against.

How to Emotionally Prepare for a Quarantine

When the world began quarantine in 2020, it was something surreal that has not happened in most people’s lifetime.  Many preppers that were preparing for an apocalypse were ready with food and other items.  However, most of us were caught off guard and not sure what to do in the midst of the chaos.  No one knew that gas would be cheap and plentiful, but that toilet paper would be a hot commodity.  There are also those that won’t follow directions and risk the health of others in the process.  The difference between this pandemic and others of the past, is that we know how