5 Yoga Poses to Help You Focus

Yoga is not only a good and calming way to get your exercise, but it has a multitude of mental health benefits; one being that it helps with your concentration. Focusing your attention on the poses during yoga (and focusing on the breathing and movements) will not only improve your balancing skills but will also improve your concentration and focusing skills. Below you can find some of the best yoga poses that will help you boost your focusing capabilities.

How to Exercise as We Age

As we age, our bodies change and the types of activities that are safe and effective change.  Regular physical activity is one of the best things we can do to stay healthy and live longer.  There are guidelines that recommend the types of activities and the length of those activities to keep us fit.  Here are some guidelines broken down by age:

Fitness that Works

Getting fit is something on all of our minds at some point during the day.  Finding time to actually work out is the problem.  That is why doing small, burst workouts may be the best option for those who have very little time to devote to an all-out workout.  The following tips will keep you active and working towards a goal for supreme fitness.

Keeping Fit During the Holidays

One constant challenge during the year is staying fit during the holidays.  Rushing around looking for the perfect gifts can be stressful and leave very little time to plan ahead and eat properly.  Plus, the holiday treats that are passed around the family events and workplace can be very hard to pass up.  There are many obstacles that will get in the way of a healthy lifestyle this holiday season, but here are a few tips to keep you on track.

Work Life Balance

The juggling game between work and life can be extremely hard to keep in balance.  We may allow ourselves to be sucked into working by allowing ourselves to be available remotely.  Being on call is a way to interrupt your home life.  However, with the competitive job market and layoffs, it may seem as if you only have the option to work at a maximum level and no time for yourself.  Remember that no job is worth all of your life.