Building a Family Tree

Many of us have thought about our ancestors and our family tree.  However, taking the time to build a family tree is another thing entirely.  Even with the advances in DNA and companies like and, there is still a bit of work required to build your tree.

Living Will and Trusts for the Future

Many people believe a will or a trust are only for the wealthy.  This could not be further from the truth.  A last will involves a distribution of your estate in which the court reviews and charges probate, which can be time-consuming and expensive.  A living trust avoids the probate process if you transfer funds and homes into the trust, prior to your passing.  Building a living trust can be time-consuming at first, but makes the process for your loved ones much easier.  It is a much better plan to take the hardship of planning for your family’s future then to allow mista

Tips for Blended Families

Remarrying can be a challenge for even the best of matches.  Adding children to the family dynamic can be very challenging to say the least.  Ex-spouses can still play a role in your life, due to shared children.  This can definitely create some stress and trials in all relationships.  Working together as a parenting unit is the best way to plan for a successful transition.

Work Life Balance

The juggling game between work and life can be extremely hard to keep in balance.  We may allow ourselves to be sucked into working by allowing ourselves to be available remotely.  Being on call is a way to interrupt your home life.  However, with the competitive job market and layoffs, it may seem as if you only have the option to work at a maximum level and no time for yourself.  Remember that no job is worth all of your life.