Happy Marriage Tips

Marriage starts off as an exciting event with friends and family, but shortly after you realize that marriage takes a lot of work.  Happily ever after is not a given in a marriage and you must put in the work to receive a happy marriage. 

How to Achieve Personal Happiness

Happiness is a goal that many of us would like to achieve.  There always seem to be requirements for things that would make us happy.  If we only had more money, more free time, a better spouse, and more friends and we may actually be happy.  Putting these requirements on happiness could leave us unhappy for most of our lives.  We must learn how to be happy with the cards we have been dealt.

How to Know When it’s Time to Leave your Job

Finding the right job at the right time is the key to a portion of your happiness.  The job needs to be fulfilling and it also needs to pay the bills.  Sometimes, we sacrifice one for the other and in an ideal world our job would be both fulfilling and financially savvy.  You may find a great job and over time decide that it is no longer a good fit.  Waiting too long to leave your job can lead to depression and serious stress, so here are some tips to determine if it may be time to leave your current job and look for greener pastures.