Leadership Qualities

Leaders are those we turn to when we have questions or concerns about a task.  Some define a leader as someone who commands a group.  As times have changed, we realize that leaders are important, but not the only people responsible for a company’s success.  In a generation with millennials, it has become more difficult to instill passion and empowerment in the workplace.  There are some qualities and tips that can be used to improve an organization.


What is ethics?  Often times it depends on who you are and where you come from.  It is often thought of as a set of rules regarding what is wrong and what is right.  Everyone has a different line that they may be willing to cross given a certain situation or circumstance.  Ethics are not actual laws, because they are not black and white.  Most societal standards are ethical in nature, but society can become corrupt and unethical and still follow the law (i.e. slavery, Nazi Germany).