7 Tips to Increase Your Creativity

Do you ever think back to when you were a kid and miss just how creative you used to be? We, as people, tend to be very creative in our younger years, but sometimes we can lose that creativity as we age. It may feel impossible to get your creativity back, but if you work on it you can improve your creative thinking and become imaginative again. As with most things, all you really need to do is practice, and these next few tips will help you with that.

Skill Acquisition

A skill is an ability that may be acquired by a person.  Skills are often unknown until they are learned, except for when learning a related skill.  Acquiring skills is something you should strive to do all throughout life.  When you build skills, you open your mind to new things and you exercise your brain in new ways.  Learning to acquire new skills is a skill in itself.

Career Exploration

Exploring careers is a normal part of life. We all get jobs that we think will satisfy us or at least pay the bills and then we are often met with disappointment.  At that point, it is time to reevaluate the career path you want to be a part of in your life.  Think about the aspects of your job that make you happy and the parts of your job that you could do without.