Limiting Screen Time As Adults

We always hear adults say that children need to have limited screen times, but what about adult's screen times? Many people sit in front of computer screens for work and then go home and spend even more time on screens, either on their phone or watching TV, sometimes both at the same time. The standard adult checks their phone about every 10 minutes and looks at screens for almost 11 hours per day. It can be hard, maybe even impossible for some, to limit your screen time at work, but most people are able to cut down their at-home screen time.

Problem Solving Skills

Problems are a part of work and life.  It seems they always crop up and there is never enough time to solve them properly before another problem occurs.  This causes us to temporarily patch issues to alleviate tension, but failing to completely fix an issue can lead to larger problems down the line.  Management should see problems that arise as a way to improve and tighten the processes and workflow.  A positive attitude is always an essential character trait for a successful leader