Leadership Training

Topics For A Kick Off of Leadership Training:

Month One:  Friday and Saturday

Escape the Room & Kick-Off Workshop

Each following session after the ‘Kick Off Session’ will be on the best day of the week for your organization. There will be new sessions with a topic and activity.

 Topics for 11 Months:

1)      Making a Difference -- As A Team 

2)      Living In The Moment -- Being a Better You

3)      Why Would Anyone Want to be Led By You? (Personal & Professional Mission)

4)      Making Your Vision A Shared Vision

5)      Eat That Frog (Procrastination)

6)      Write It Down & Make It Happen (Goal Setting)

7)      Your Values & Your Behavior

8)      Winners Never Cheat (Honesty & Generosity)

9)      QBQ? (Personal Accountability)

10)  Knowing Your Limitations (Stress Management)

11)  Ladies and Gentlemen, I Now Present to You…

If you have other topics you want to address, please let us know.  We have many, many more.

Some topics to consider for Peer Group Meetings

The Art of Leadership vs The Science of Management

Leading In The Midst of Adversity

Adversaries Into Allies (Winning People Over without Manipulation or Coercion)

Success Is A Choice              

We will tailor each seminar according to the needs of your church, business, individual or organization.