Batesville and Beyond Jeanni Brosius

Jeanni Brosius

Batesville and Beyond Jeanni Brosius

by Karin Huffman Published in the Batesville Daily Guard on Nov 26, 2019

Jeanni Brosius grew up in Frisco and Denton, Texas, both suburbs of Dallas and moved to Strawberry at the age of 16.

"I moved in with my grandparents as a teenager," she said about what brought her to Batesville. "Talk about culture shock, moving from the Dallas area to rural Arkansas. It ultimately turned out to be the best thing for me, and I got my first job at Skinner's Jewelry."

Brosius graduated from Strawberry High School, now Hillcrest, and attended Three Rivers Community College in Poplar Bluff, Mo., and Arkansas College, now Lyon.

Brosius has made a career as a writer and has many stories to tell, some scary, some sad and some happy.

"I've had several scary events," she said. "I covered a hostage situation and have been to several crime scenes. I've met sketchy people in clandestine places and even had death threats. I've jumped out of a plane with the Army Golden Knights, flew with the Blue Angels and climbed through wild caves with a cave mapper. I've had so many wonderful adventures.

"The saddest are the stories where I cry along with the person I am interviewing," she continued. "The ones that stick with me are the ones dealing with children. Whether someone has lost a child, or the child is sick or gone through a traumatic event. The most recent story is one I did for AY Magazine. I interviewed Kathy Bryan, who is a survivor of sex trafficking and her story is amazing."

With sadness comes happiness though.

"I love telling personal stories of survival and triumph," Brosius continued. "One story that has stuck with me is a story out of Jacksonville, Arkansas about (Train Boy.) His name is Vernon Myers, and he can't hear or speak, so he communicates with sign language or with a pen and paper. Like clockwork, every morning he would wait for the Union Pacific train to blow through downtown Jacksonville. He could feel it coming and his love for trains was so infectious."

Union Pacific headquarters got a hold of Brosius' story and went to Jacksonville and took Vernon on a special train ride.

"He was able to ride in the engine with the engineers," Brosius stated. "The excitement from Myers made me so emotional and happy that day. His mom has kept in touch with me and says Myers still talks about that day."

Brosius carries her stories with her and holds not just one as her favorite.

"There are too many favorites to pick just one," she stated. "I love telling people's stories, and I'm always thankful that they trust me enough to tell them. It's quite humbling. But, one of my favorite stories was when I spent the day under the Broadway Bridge in Little Rock visiting with homeless people and writing their stories. They taught me a lot about these fellow humans who live on the streets of the city, which gave me a different perspective of their lives."

Brosius currently works at Myers Davis Life Coaching as the communications/public relations director, a career coach and a life coach in training.

"With my career coach hat that I wear at Myers Davis, I have the privilege to help in the planning of careers for high school students with disabilities," she said. "I also oversee all the press for the company, so I get to live the best of both worlds; I get to write and help others."

Brosius loves what she is doing, but said, "My favorite job of all is being a mom and GJ (Granny J).”

When Brosius has spare time, she enjoys reading and writing stories.

"I enjoy cooking, drawing, jumping out of airplanes and hiking," she said.

Brosius’ ideal living situation would be each a beach house, a mountain house and a condo in the city, to bounce back and forth between the three.

"I pretty much do what I want to do," she said when asked if she could do anything what would it be. "The one thing I would do, if possible is to bring joy and comfort to everyone who is suffering."

Brosius lives in Independence County, has three kids, six grandkids, a golden retriever and two cats.