Myers-Davis Life Coaching Transition Services Class with the Department of Career Education (ARS)

Transitions Career Education Class

  • 2 Year Program for Juniors & Seniors in High School

  • Students receive Class Credit toward Graduation for taking the Transitions Career Ed Class

  • Classes:  Taken during school hours, every-day during school week, for 1 or 2 class periods based on each high school

  • To Qualify:  Students need to have a 504, IEP, or Doctors note of medical diagnosis such as diabetes, anxiety, depression, ADHD, Crohn’s disease, or any diagnosis that hinders the student

  • Summer Programs are also available during the full month of June

The Transitions Career Education Class will teach students life skills, communication skills, job skills, job exploration, job training, career interests, personality assessments, coping skills, transitioning from high school into the workforce/trade school/college, and so much more.  There are 5 Core Studies thru the Department of Education for Transition Services:

  • Job Exploration

  • Work-Based Learning

  • Counseling on Post-Secondary Educational Programs

  • Work Readiness Training

  • Self-Advocacy

Student Jobs:

After two months of the start of the Transitions Class, Myers-Davis Job Coaches will assist the students in finding jobs to match their abilities and interests within the school system.  If certain jobs are available outside the school system and in the students’ community, job coaches will assist the student in training and applying for those jobs. 

  • Students can work in this work study program 10 Hours a week when school is in session

  • Students can work in this work study program 20 Hours a week when school is not in session

  • Students will be paid $9.25 an hour thru Myers-Davis Life Coaching


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