5 Tips to Be More Present

As the holidays are approaching, many times people get so caught up in the holiday stress that they forget to sit back and take in the moments. Often, we look back on our pictures or memories and realize we were too busy or distracted to really appreciate the time. So, with Christmas only a few days away, here are five ways you can be more present and in the moment this holiday season!

Our breathing is very influential on our mental and emotional state. Deep breathing puts our bodies in a state of relaxation, in turn helping tremendously to keep our mind in the present. Deep breathing also helps improve a multitude of other things including stress levels, blood pressure, and digestion. 

Put the Phone Down
Our phones create a big distraction and takes us away from even the little moments. When you want to be fully present, try to leave your phone in another room or, if you are able, just completely turn it off. 

Enjoy the Little Things
Don’t forget to take time to acknowledge and appreciate the little moments that go on in your everyday life. Maybe that means picking the pretty flowers you see on your daily walk or maybe it’s the few spare minutes you get to yourself before the kids wake up. Either way, appreciating these little moments can really help us get out of our heads and recognize the small things that make us happy.

Don’t Over-Plan
Everyone likes to be prepared, but if we are always preparing for the future, how can we ever really enjoy the present? You should be planning just enough to prevent yourself from being stressed, but not so much that you can’t let go and have some spontaneity.

Let Go
Let go of your control and expectations. This can help you lift some weight off your shoulders and reduce your stress levels, so you aren’t always in your head thinking about your stressors. If you find yourself holding onto certain thoughts, this would be a good time to go back and practice the first little tip. Stop and take time to breathe and let these things go.

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