“Myers-Davis Life Coaching doesn’t just teach you how to conduct your life. They teach you how to find yourself. They show you how to uncover your hidden potential so that you can thrive and take control of your life. They teach you how to become a positive influence to those around you and give you the tools to master your life.”

“The Myers-Davis Team has a passion for people and our great country. Their leadership training for both adults and our nation’s teenagers is phenomenal. I have been blessed to participate in training as well as speak at multiple teen leadership graduations. They help you reach inside yourself to discover your life’s mission. They are training future leaders of our country in a way that sets the bar high for our nation’s future. I sincerely recommend Myers-Davis to my constituents and believe their programs are making a huge difference in our communities.”

“Doc and Angela are a great motivational team that will uplift and encourage you no matter what the topic or organization. They have helped our non-profit to discover what our needs are in order to advance in our direction of success in helping the citizens in the communities that we serve.”

“Myers-Davis Life Coaching has brought our entire health care organization together to work as one cohesive team to best serve our patients. Our training with Myers-Davis has helped us to become a team and to realize that it takes each of us from CNA’s to nurses to administrative staff to billing to management and all areas in between to provide top notch service to those we serve.”

“Angela & Doc with Myers-Davis Life Coaching really pumped up our management team and helped us work thru some issues on setting and achieving our goals. We will definitely will have hem back to our management meetings and board retreats.”

“Myers-Davis Life Coaching isn’t just about coaching individuals. It is about coaching business executives in leadership, teambuilding, and creating personal missions that fit like puzzles into our overall company mission. They coach you as a team on how to best work together with each unique talent and how to deal with any obstacles that you may face as an organization.”

“Myers-Davis Life Coaching has been one of the greatest things we have ever invested in. The unity in our team and the increased productivity have been monumental in our business. They have helped this small business to go from a group of co-workers to more like a family.”

“What an uplifting team of people! You can’t help but smile when you see them. They are warm, caring, and help create a safe space for learning, confiding, and training our health care team. They taught us not only how to work with each other and our different personalities, but how to work with our patients and their families (even the most difficult ones). This was one of the best training investments I have made for our agency!”

“Doc & Angela have added so much to our campus. They revitalize our weary students and staff when we need the encouragement and support the most. They make us realize that we can accomplish anything that we set our minds to do. Kudos to the ‘Next Zig Ziglar or Dale Carnegie’! We will see Myers Davis Life Coaching ‘at the top’! You will not ever regret having them be a part of your organization.”

“I’ve known Angela all of her life and I’ve known Doc for a few years now. The first time that I had the opportunity to listen to a keynote speech that they conducted at an executive meeting, I knew they had the skills and passion to become a huge success while helping others reach their fullest potential. It is a blessing to know them and call them my friends. I look forward to seeing all that they accomplish.”

“What an honor it is to have such knowledgeable and talented individuals to bring out the best in all of us! Thank you for inspiring and leading our citizens and organizations to be the best they can be!”

“This has been an amazing week! I’m thankful that I was one that raised my hand and came forward to learn and grow as a leader. I encourage everyone, if they ever have a chance to attend the Myers-Davis Life Coaching Leadership Summit, please do! You will not regret it! I am excited to know that I have a voice even as a teenager and can make a difference in my community…maybe even the world!”

“I honestly thought this would be a boring week. I didn’t know what to expect. But, I am so happy that I came! I didn’t know that learning could be so fun!”

“It was so exciting to learn about my community, my personality, how to work as a team, and what it takes to become a true leader. I wish this summit lasted more than a week!”

“I wasn’t quite sure about this leadership summit when my mom signed me up. I thought that I couldn’t be a leader when I’m only in 5th grade. Boy! Was I wrong! I plan on being the first female Mayor of Batesville one day! Thank you Doc & Angela for building my confidence, giving me courage, making me proud to be American, and helping me to know that I am a leader right now at the age of 10!”

“This Leadership Summit has turned my granddaughter around! Her self-esteem has blossomed. I’m so thankful to Doc & Angela for their dedication to train our children to be leaders and the best that they can be!”

“What an amazing opportunity for our teens! I wish that every single child in the world had the opportunity for Doc & Angela to train them to be leaders. They teach self-confidence, community, pride of country, leadership, how to get along with others, how to stand up for your values & for each other, manners, and so much more! They mature every year that I have sent my children. My kids are excited about making a difference in their schools and in their community. And they LOVE Doc & Angela!”

“The Myers-Davis Life Coaching Leadership Summit for Teens has turned students without self confidence totally around. I see students now exuding with excitement of who they are and what they can accomplish in this world. Thank you for making a difference in the lives of our children.”

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