Ultimate Workshop Experience for Church Leaders

The best known Biblical model for leading God’s people is that of a shepherd. But who in the 21st Century really knows what a shepherd does and the responsibility that he or she bears? While in some parts of the world, there are shepherds who care for sheep, this imagery is better known than understood. Who understands the work of a shepherd in the 21st Century and what does it mean?
Church leaders across the board struggle with understanding their roles as shepherds. What are the principles that guide a person, who dons the role of a shepherd?
This workshop will expose church leaders to principles and guidelines that are most helpful in putting into practice what church leaders must do, to succeed. Self-evaluation will unlock and open the door for a shepherds to understand themselves and then understand his or her sheep. Leaders will relate better not only to their fellow shepherds, but to the sheep that God has entrusted to them.
Find Your Everest
Each of us has a set of strengths that makes us unique and valuable, and we like to be acknowledged for our strengths, as well as feel effective in our environment. The Myers-Davis Workshop for Church Leadership will be exactly what your ministry needs to bring you together as a Leadership Team in order to lead your church in the right direction.

Ministerial/Pastoral Life Coach Training

Never before in history has there been as great a need for ministers and pastors to have a support system.Not just from within, that’s expected in any church, but a support system from without that can assist pastors and church leaders from an outside perspective so your blind spots can be discovered and addressed. This is one of the reasons for the existence of Myers-Davis Life Coaching & Business Consulting. For example, many ministers are involved, like it or not, in counseling. But the fact is, many ministers are not trained in counseling; they are trained in ministry, i.e., the ministry of the Word. Counseling without training can be harmful to the client and have huge legal consequences. We offer an alternative to counseling, it’s called life coaching. Life coaching is neither counseling nor therapy. It is the ability through asking specific questions to lead the client to discover the answer to their problems themselves.
Asking the right questions at the right time and in the right way can produce moments of discovery that lead the client to recognize the answer as well as a strategy that leads to action so that the problem can be solved. As a life coach, you do not offer advice or counseling. You are trained in leading the client down the pathway to the answer by the questions you ask. Since you do not offer advice, but only ask questions, it lessens the liability that potentially could come your way if you are operating as a therapist or counselor without a license.

By attending Myers-Davis Life Coach & Business Consulting Training for Ministers and Pastors, you will learn:

Frameworks for Youth Group Leadership Training

Full 8 Hour Day/2 Half Days (1 Evening & A Day) or 5 Evening 2 Hour Sessions

For more information, please call our main office @ 870-569-1052 and ask for Dr. Edward Myers or Angela Davis.  You can also send us a message here.

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