Why Our Agency

You train with certified experienced coaches who have their own practices and real-life coaching experience.coaching experience.

We offer a variety of classes, workshops, training, and certifications that are tailored to the needs of individuals, communities, and organizations. (All training and certifications are different based on individuals or organizations.)

We offer life coach certifications tailored to specific areas of expertise such as strictly to any individual, to groups of clergy/ministers, church leaders, community CEO organizations, state associations, non-profit groups, healthcare groups, social workers, teachers, guidance counselors, and more.

We are a LIVE class, not online or by telephone. You receive hands-on experience, and practice with real people. The association you will have with your peers while in training will be invaluable as they will also be receiving life coaching from you as you receive life coaching from them.  

We teach you how to market your practice if you choose a life coach training certification. There are websites to set up, brochures to print, and other marketing materials you will want to use in establishing your own business. You can’t make money without clients, that is why marketing is so important. We concentrate not only on life coach skills and theory, but also on marketing your business. Each student writes a complete marketing plan while in the classroom. 

You receive your certification immediately upon graduation on all of our certification courses. It will not be mailed to you weeks or months after graduation but will be handed to you as you cross the graduation stage. We keep our class limited to 25 for individual group coaching, so that we can provide more one-on-one training and cover all aspects of life coaching.  

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