Being a Present Parent

Being a parent that is truly present in your kid’s life is necessary for the to feel wanted and loved.  Some parents work so hard that they are tired and not present in their children’s lives.  They don’t need that new toy more than they need some time from you.  Being with your children and spending time with your children are two completely different things.  You can be a stay-at-home parent and still be less present in your child’s life than a working parent that sets devoted time aside for their children.  Here are some tips to ensure you are staying present in the lives of your children.

Sleep – One thing that you must do to stay present in your child’s life is to get enough sleep.  If you are tired, you will not function your best and you may be irritable and grouchy with your children.  Get your sleep so you are refreshed and happy when you are around your kids.

Technology – One thing that is really important is not immersing yourself in technology when your kids are around.  Obviously, you may need to do some work at times, but ensure that the work you are doing occurs after your kids go to sleep or when they are on electronics as well.  Be present and engaged with your children, because we only have so much time with them before they are adults of their own.

Fully listen – When your kids are talking to them, respect them like you would another adult.  Give them eye contact, get close and truly listen to what they are telling you.  Make sure that you don’t brush them off with quick answers, take the time to engage and really care about what they are saying.  One day you will be begging them to talk to you and they will be moody teenagers.

Play – Make sure you are playing with your kids and spending time doing things they want to do.  Maybe they want to play catch or a new video game, whatever it is take part and do it for them.  Give them a choice in what activity they would like to do for the day.  Playing takes work, but it really worth it for them.

Plan Fun – As a parent, with tons on your plate, you must make time for playing.  This means scheduling play dates or other fun activities with your kids.  Making plans for intentional time is a great way to show you care and give your kids happy memories.

Beauty – Show them the beautiful things in life and show them how to care and be nice to others.  You are their mentor and their window into the world, so when you show them good things and they will follow your lead.  Teach them how to give back and appreciate what they have in life.  Teach them manners and the beauty of the world.  They should know the trials that others may face and how they can be a better person.

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