Community Building

Businesses thrive if they have employees that feel like they are a part of a community.  They need to have a sense of belonging where they are passionate about something larger than themselves.  Feeling as though you are just a cog in the wheel of big business is not the way to grow a healthy business.  Companies need to spend some time reengaging their employees and working on their management practices.  Leadership should be tied to management and not seen as separate entities.

Community in the business world means that colleagues care about their work and their place in the company.  Their care for the business will show in collaborative efforts that propel the company to fame.  A sense of community is usually easier for not-for-profit companies and those with a common mission that is very engaging to the staff and the community.  If your business is just about making money, it may be even harder to foster a sense of fellowship with one another.

Leadership should be just enough in the workplace and not a domineering leader that likes to take credit for all that goes on in a teamwork-based facility.  Managers are important, but they should be part of the team and not consider themselves to be “above” the team in importance.  Someone has to schedule meetings and make schedules in the workplace for it to flourish, but it doesn’t need to be a dictator-like role.

The organization should have an atmosphere that promotes trust.  The staff should be treated as important components of the team and not just numbers.  When performance targets are not met, staff should not be fired, but goals should be reorganized and readdressed.  Leadership shouldn’t be overemphasized with huge CEO packages.  Managers should also be coaches with a goal of success for their entire team.

Being a family-oriented agency is also a great way to keep employees and keep them happy.  Consider team-building exercises to keep the group bonding on things other than work.  Offer incentives that keep your employees away from your competitors.  Competitive packages and perks are things that will keep your employees happy and around doing good work for your agency.

Hire great people with great personalities.  There are often many people that can fit the job you are hiring for, but hiring the ones that will fit into your agency and who will be pleasant to work with as well.  Choose ambassadors from each division that can be responsible for chatting with other divisions and keep up with the workplace happenings.  Try to focus on the positive and have people that genuinely care about others.

Work together on a project that gives back to the community.  Take a break from crunching numbers and doing tons of work and spend some time connecting with your community.  Find a service project or fundraiser that everyone can get behind and work together as a team to create change.  This fosters teamwork and helps people feel more connected.

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