How to Build your Kids for Success

When speaking about success, there are plenty of people with opinions and advice.  However, there are some common threads that connect the main ways to bring success to your children.  We will discuss a few of them below.

Surroundings – Surround your kids with success.  This means move them into a neighborhood that has great schools.  Find a community that seems safe and full of successful individuals.  The opportunities for tutoring and extracurricular activities are more plentiful in a middle to high-class neighborhood.  The good thing is you don’t have to be rich to live in these neighborhoods, there are usually plenty of options in good school districts.

Happy – Happy people breed happy children.  If you are a happy and less stressed individual, you will have happier children.  Children pick up on stress and they feel tension in a household and they will react emotionally to these feelings.  Try not to overwhelm yourself with stress and take on too much.  Teach them healthy habits and feed them healthy foods

Praise Correctly – Many people tend to praise their children when they get a perfect score or win a game.  However, it is important to praise them for hard work.  If they got a “C” on a test and the next test they received a “B” praise them for improvement.  We don’t want them to think their talent is innate and that it cannot improve with hard work.  This is why it is not best to praise things that are not worked for like beauty or superficial things.

Chores – Make sure that your kids know the value of a dollar.  Chores should start as soon as possible.  They need to learn that work is required to make a household run properly.  They need to learn that no one gets to live in a home without sharing in some of the work. They will gripe and complain, but you will be teaching them a valuable lesson in life.

Math and Reading – Your kids should read daily and learn math at an early age.  These two topics are highly indicative of successful people.  Reading unlocks so many new things and broadens your perspective on life.  Learning math unlocks portions of your brain that can help with many other aspects in life.

High Expectations – Make sure you set high expectations and high goals for your children.  Expect a lot of work and a lot of heart in all they do.  They may not get 100% on everything, but you should strive for them to reach that goal.  You should measure their effort and not always the end point.  Give them tutors when they fall short and all the help they can stand.

Build Meaningful Relationships – Have your children foster relationships with family and friends.  Take them on play dates and involve them in sports where they learn about teamwork.  Teach them how to interact with others and how to handle their emotions when things don’t go their way. 

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