How to Emotionally Prepare for a Quarantine

When the world began quarantine in 2020, it was something surreal that has not happened in most people’s lifetime.  Many preppers that were preparing for an apocalypse were ready with food and other items.  However, most of us were caught off guard and not sure what to do in the midst of the chaos.  No one knew that gas would be cheap and plentiful, but that toilet paper would be a hot commodity.  There are also those that won’t follow directions and risk the health of others in the process.  The difference between this pandemic and others of the past, is that we know how to test for and isolate the virus.  Therefore, we should be more successful than generations past.

Why Isolate

It has become very clear that we need to stay home and help to flatten the curve for the 14-day period, which is thought to be the incubation period for the virus. 


Working remotely is an option for some, but daycare issues come into play.  Essential businesses staying open also becomes hard for some workers if they have to be physically present.  Self-isolation can also cause serious emotional issues.  Financial issues can be a problem as well, which can cause serious stress.  Therefore, more than anything, we need to protect our families and our mental health.

Same Page – Make sure to have a family meeting and determine what will be occurring over the next few weeks.  Determine the challenges and make sure your family understands the limitations and restraints that will be placed on them.

Truthful – Parents must speak truthfully and tell their children about the virus and the seriousness of the quarantine.  Discuss facts and fears regarding the quarantine and be honest without scaring them needlessly.  Reduce anxiety by only reading information from credible sources.

Structure – In this time of uncertainty, it is important to have some form of structure.  Setting up a routine will minimize the stress that we are encountering in the outside world.  A lack of control can be extremely stressful and cause anxiety.  Give your children a schedule for learning, now that schools are out of session.  Let them also have fun and playtime as well.  Use real-life tasks to teach them as well, like baking, sewing, yard work, etc.

Keep Moving – Make sure to incorporate fitness into your lives as well.  Exercising can increase your endorphins and improve your mood.  Play sports to exercise and have fun at the same time.  Keeping active is imperative to a happier time in quarantine.

Enjoy This Time – We are all being forced to slow down and appreciate the life we have been given.  We are conscious of our efforts and our blessings.  Our schedules are miraculously clear and we have more time to spend with our immediate family.  Reach out via video chats to stay in touch with loved ones out of reach.  Take this time we have been given and use it for growth.

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