How to Keep Fear and Anxiety Away

When you feel down or anxious, there are ways to get those feelings under control.  We are not talking about mental illness or clinical depression, which is treated with prescription medication.  The feelings that can be worked on involve fear, anxiety, and negative thoughts.  With some tips, it is possible to overcome the feelings that may weigh you down in life.

Write It Down – There are many things that may be bothering you on a given day.  Take the time to write down what is wrong and the feelings you have about the issues.  After writing these thoughts on paper, read them aloud and determine if you really believe the basis of the issue and if your feelings make sense in the given situation.

Meditate – Making time for yourself is a necessary task if you plan on living a healthy and happy life.  Meditation is a great way to relax and rejuvenate.  You may find another task like listening to music or getting a massage that calms you as well and takes your mind away from negative thoughts.  Whatever the task, take a break and get out of your head.

Eat Well – Eating well is important for anyone wanting to live a healthy life.  Skipping meals is definitely not recommended for mental well-being.  It is also imperative that you are eating healthy snacks throughout the day to keep the cognitive wheels turning.

Sleep – Sleep is when our brain gets a chance to recharge.  If you are not getting enough sleep, it may be difficult for your body to deal with stress and overcome life’s challenges emotionally.  Our entire body requires plenty of sleep and nutrition to run all of the systems required to keep us functioning at proper levels.

Exercise – Taking part in exercise is necessary for overall health.  It also helps to release endorphins that can boost your mood and erase feelings of negativity.  Exercise also makes you look better, which in turn will help you to feel better emotionally.

Do Your Best – Remember that you are always capable and that you can do amazing things.  You may not always get the best scores or have the best days, but as long as you have given it your all there is nothing more you can do or expect.  Be happy with the results you have achieved and know that you can always strive for bigger and better things in the future.

Accept Lack of Control – Accept that you cannot be in control of everything all the time.  Your role in life is to make it through the day and hopefully succeed.  Stress and worry can be minimized by realizing that you are not always in control.

Talk to Someone – If you are stressed and have friends and family that can help take some things off of your plate, let them.  Asking for help can be very hard, but holding the stress and anxiety inside can be a recipe for disaster.  A professional may also be consulted for counseling sessions.

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