How to Know When it’s Time to Leave your Job

Finding the right job at the right time is the key to a portion of your happiness.  The job needs to be fulfilling and it also needs to pay the bills.  Sometimes, we sacrifice one for the other and in an ideal world our job would be both fulfilling and financially savvy.  You may find a great job and over time decide that it is no longer a good fit.  Waiting too long to leave your job can lead to depression and serious stress, so here are some tips to determine if it may be time to leave your current job and look for greener pastures.

Your Conversations

If all of your personal time with friends and family ends up being complaining about work time, it may be time to look for another job.  Having a discussion about your day and activities shouldn’t cause stress or anger.

You are Thinking About a New Job

You are already thinking about getting a new job.  You have been searching and day dreaming about jobs that might be interesting or more fulfilling.  If you have started the job search, it is probably time to get serious and make plans.

You are Dreaming of Retirement

There is nothing wrong with dreaming about retirement; however, if you are dreaming of retirement at 30 years of age, you may be in trouble.  Day dreaming is something that indicates you may be unhappy in your reality.

Sleep Patterns are Off

If your sleep patterns are beginning to cost you at work, it may be time to determine why you aren’t sleeping well.  Personal problems and work problems could be the root cause to your sleep difficulties.  Stress and anxiety can cause your body to react in strange ways and cause your work to suffer.


Your physical health can deteriorate if your mental health is not stable.  If you are not able to mentally deal with the stress at your workplace, it can cause your body to revolt.  This usually exhibits itself in the form of headaches and illness that may interfere with everyday activities.


Your need for social drinking has become more of a habit when drinking alcohol.  If you feel the need to have a glass of wine every evening, it may be a sign that you are taking on too much stress while at work.  Finding a better coping mechanism is suggested, or even better finding another job.

Mondays are the Worst

Now, for even the best jobs, Mondays are the worst.  Having to give up on your weekend and start a new work day is always sad.  However, if you physically dread getting up for work and consider calling in more times than not, it is definitely time to look for another job.


You are becoming increasingly bored as the days continue and you are not being as productive as you usually are during your work day.  This is one of the key factors that should push you in the direction of a new job.  

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