Improving your Personality

Personalities vary between people and we can all use a bit of improvement.  It was first thought that personalities were permanent and could not be changed.  However, we now know that personality is more fluid.  We have control of what traits we would like to possess in our personality. 

What is Personality?

Personality is typical pattern of behavior, thinking, and feeling that makes a person unique.  When we state that someone has a good personality, we mean that they are likable and interesting.  It is shown that 85% of your success in life depends on how well you interact with others.  Your personality determines if people want to be close to you or run far away from you.

Tips to Improve


Listening is an excellent way to show others that you care.  Looking at others in their eyes and showing them that you genuinely care about what they are saying is integral in developing a caring personality.  Having someone listen to you and focus their entire attention on you is one of the best things in the world.


Reading a variety of books is an excellent way to keep up with the old and new of the world.  You can learn about a variety of characters that display personalities and characteristics that you may want to adapt.  The knowledge you gain from reading is also an excellent way to connect with others and share information.


By reading and listening to the stories of others, you can gain insight into how to converse with others. Being able to make conversation with others is an excellent way to build relationships and develop your personality.

Have an Opinion

When you are discussing topics and issues it is imperative that you have an opinion.   No one wants to have a conversation with themselves, they want to have a discussion and listen to varying viewpoints.  If you have a unique opinion, you will be interesting to converse with.

New People

Make sure you are meeting new and different types of people.  By learning about others and their culture, you can grow as a person and develop.

Be Positive

The concept of being positive and having a great outlook on life is important.  No one wants to be around someone who is negative and who complains all of the time.  Be the upbeat person that lights up a room when you enter it.  You can do this by looking for the best in people and giving them the benefit of the doubt in certain situations.  Spread good cheer and enjoy life.

Be Supportive

Those around you may not always think and act like you do, but you can still be a supportive person that cares. There is always room for another cheerleader in your life and you want to make sure you are being that person for others.


Make sure you are a person with integrity and someone that others can respect.  People will always respect someone with integrity and honor.

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