Learning Good Study Habits

Studying habits are learned and can always be perfected.  It is necessary to have a system to help you do your best and use your time wisely.  All of us have our tricks of the trade, but most study habits are the same across the board.  Getting good study habits in place can help you in college and in your career.  Most study habits correlate to organizing great work review habits. 

Don’t Study Too Much at Once 

Break up your studying into sections.  As you study, you may overwhelm yourself and start glossing over information, instead of absorbing it.  You will also get tired and distracted as you continue on for hours.  Space your work out over short periods of time.  Short breaks will help restore your mental energy. 

Plan Specific Times 

Study time should be planned.  Switch it up by reading, working on papers, memorizing information and alternating between these options to stay from getting bored.  Schedule study time and put in some times for rewards once you finish a section or assignment.  It is also best to study at the same times each day, if possible.  It will get you into a routine and get you used to studying. 

Set Goals 

Make sure to set specific goals for your study times.  Stay focused and monitor your progress.  Be clear about what you want to accomplish during your study times. 

Study on Time 

Make sure to study on time and don’t delay.  When you delay and procrastinate, you are in danger of cutting corners and not getting enough time to get your goals accomplished.  Make sure you are consistent and on time. 

Work on Difficult First 

Your most difficult assignment will require the most effort.  It is best to look at these assignments with fresh eyes and tons of mental energy.  Work on tough things first and when you get mentally exhausted, move on to another assignment that doesn’t require as much brain power. 

Review Notes 

When you are beginning an assignment, look over your notes and the instructions for the assignment.  When you determine what is required of you, you will know what to look for in the work you are studying.  Take notes on all of your assignments that have key points, then go back over these notes to solidify the important aspects of your reading. 


Make sure to be in an environment that is quiet.  Ensure that you are not checking your phone or social media.  Keep things on silent and ensure that you are focused on the task at hand.  It is necessary to block out time for studying or you may not be receptive to the information at hand. 

Check with Others 

Studying in groups can work for some and not for others. If you get stuck on a question or assignment, make sure you have a classmate you can reach out to and discuss with.  Two heads are always better than one when determining the answers to life’s most difficult questions. 

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