Life Coaching Techniques

Life coaches are amazing people to have in your life.  They can change the direction of people’s lives and truly help to create an enriched life.  They have a variety of mental techniques they train you on to increase happiness and growth.  A trained life coach will determine which therapies will work best for you in your quest for a happier life and bountiful future.

Open-Ended Questions

An effective strategy is using open-ended questions, rather than questions that limit the types of responses that can be given.  This allows for a new way of thinking and encourages us to really think about what it is that we desire and dream about for the future.

Guided Meditation

Most life coaches will discuss the power of a guided meditation.  It can improve health, reduce stress, increase focus, and improve overall quality of life.  There are various techniques that can be used to help and your life coach can walk you through the process until you are comfortable meditating on your own.

Guided Visualization

This is another technique that life coaches use which utilizes the process of vividly imagining the life you want to live and picturing all of the aspects that need to be in place for you to achieve that life.  Life coaches can help select imagery that will lead to the best possible outcome.

Positive Affirmations

This technique is utilized by life coaches to help integrate positivity into their lives.  Saying a phrase to yourself can be simple and integrates positivity into your life.  Whatever you desire can be put into a phrase and repeated to create a positive atmosphere.

Shifts in Perception

Sometimes, events in our lives are not the real problems, but actually the perception of those events.  Our thoughts can actually work against us and add to our problems and make them larger than they appear.  Life coaches can help determine what perceptions should be modified to create a more positive environment.

Thought Perception

Choosing to focus on things that make us happy can shift our entire emotional state.  When you focus on negativity, it can bring you down.  Training to think happy and positive thoughts can really change the emotions you feel.


Make a list of all of the things you are grateful for and go to them to encourage yourself daily.  If you continuously search for the positive things in life, you can find the joy in life and not focus on the negativity.  Thank those around you that contribute positively to your life.

Find Evidence

Life coaches often try to get their clients to gather evidence that contribute to their desired life.  Having a desire and finding evidence that slowly builds is a way to get where you long to be in life.

Cognitive Behavioral Coaching

There is also a form of therapy that teaches positivity and unlearns negativity.  It helps to relieve anxiety, stress, and even phobias.  By changing thinking patterns, you can manifest a healthier and happier life.

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