Limiting Screen Time As Adults

We always hear adults say that children need to have limited screen times, but what about adult’s screen times? Many people sit in front of computer screens for work and then go home and spend even more time on screens, either on their phone or watching TV, sometimes both at the same time. The standard adult checks their phone about every 10 minutes and looks at screens for almost 11 hours per day. It can be hard, maybe even impossible for some, to limit your screen time at work, but most people are able to cut down their at-home screen time. Doing so can help the brain think creatively and clearly, and can help you accomplish more tasks throughout your day.

Use Alternatives
Most people use their phones for almost everything nowadays. Google has a plethora of recipes and instructions, and we even have an app on our phones to set alarms to wake up to. Although using your phone for these things may be more convenient, it also adds on unnecessary screen time each day. Instead of googling a recipe you want to tackle, try getting out some old cookbooks. You might just find a new favorite recipe!

Keep Your Phone Away From Your Bed 
Instead of going to sleep with your phone right beside you, let it charge in a different room while you sleep. If you use your phone as an alarm, you might look into getting a traditional alarm clock instead. This will keep you from scrolling on social media before bed (which keeps you from sleeping), and also ensures that your phone will not be the first thing you look at when you wake up. It will also make it easier for you to get some tasks done in the morning before you get on your phone. 

Stay Off Your Electronics When Bored
We are all guilty of turning to our phones for entertainment when we get bored, but there are many other alternatives that can keep you occupied. Instead of watching YouTube or scrolling through Instagram, try going for a walk and looking at all the nature scenery, without getting on your phone. You could also pick up a new hobby you’ve been wanting to try or clean the areas of your house that you may have been neglecting.

Set A Timer
Realistically, most of us aren’t able or willing to cut out social media all together, so try to set a daily limit for how much time you spend on social media platforms. As you keep up with your limit, you can gradually reduce the time, especially on the days when your work screen time is up. Setting timers will make sure you get off your phone even if you lose track of time, which often happens when we get lost on social media.

Exercise As You Watch
If you have had an exceptionally stressful day and just need to watch some TV to unwind, you can try to combine it with some exercise. There are many exercises and stretches that can be done from the comfort of your living room floor. You can try bringing out your yoga mat and doing some yoga exercises. If yoga isn’t your thing, you can do lunges, squats, crunches, or push-ups. You could even bring your treadmill or other workout equipment in front of your TV and watch while you use it.

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