Motivation in Business

Motivation is defined as a reason for acting in a particular way.  Having motivation in your business is an excellent way to achieve success.  Having a workplace that people respect and feel respected at will instill a sense of pride and motivation to work hard.  Here are some tips to help with motivation in the workplace.

Stand for Something – Most successful businesses have employees that believe in the business and what it stands for.  These employees want to be a part of a business that contributes to the world. Their motivation is belonging to an organization that helps others as well as being a successful business.

Happy Staff – Work can be hard and taxing on your life.  But you spend more time at work than anywhere else, except for maybe sleep.  You want people to be happy to come to work.  Motivation is necessary in a successful business and finding what your employees would enjoy.  Some employers cater in lunch, others have a church on site, and others have a fitness gym at the place of business.  Finding out what your employee’s value is important in building their happiness and satisfaction at work.

Round Table – Most people find success in their business by sharing thoughts and ideas as a group.  If you have a leader that is giving orders and not listening to feedback, the process is not taken to heart, but seen as a job.  By letting everyone have an equal voice, you make them a part of the process and a vested party in the company.

Work Equal – Even if you are the senior executive, putting in the same amount of work or more as a regular employee will speak volumes.  Getting in the trenches with your employees shows you care and see them as a working team.  No one respects someone who barks out orders and doesn’t take part in the stresses of the job.

Shareholders – If your employees all own a piece of the company, they will be working for themselves just as much as their employers.  Shareholders find a sense of purpose in their job and see a direct correlation in work output and financial gain.

Change Motivators – There are very rarely employees that come to work completely motivated everyday on their own.  However, you can motivate employees by changing up their incentives.  Having a flexible work schedule is one way to get employees to value their job and the flexibility they have.  Others will be receptive to fitness time, which keeps the employees healthy and happy.  Other organizations are giving employees bonuses or trade show vacations where they speak about the business.

Provide Relevance – Giving your employees a sense of relevance in the work they do will help to encourage motivation.  Let them know that way they are doing is valuable and beneficial to the company.  Recognize employee contributions on a regular basis by rewards and incentives for meeting goals.  Let the team know your goals as a leader and why you have those goals.

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