Relationships in Business

Building relationships takes plenty of dedication and hard work.  In the business world, they are a necessity.  Business networks are everything and if you can stay connected to a select group of people, you can count on them for insight and direction.  Business relationships require a bit of give and take.  They must be nourished and maintained to grow and continue to be prosperous.  Below are some tips to consider when building businesses and relationships.

Be Real – Accept people as they are and be who you are, without compromise.  Giving people a false sense of who you are is grounds for dismissal in any relationship.  You want to show your best side, but not embellish.  Connect with those you share the same beliefs and philosophies and watch the connection bloom.

Stick Up for Them – Letting others know that you believe in them and respect them is a way to keep a long-lasting relationship intact for many years to come.  When others speak badly of any associates or partners, show them that you won’t tolerate that type of discussion or behavior.  Also, let the person being discussed know that there are disloyal acquaintances in their midst.  Loyalty and respect are certainly a way to keep a winning relationship intact.

Have Outings – Find a commonality where you can have fun and not have to discuss business.  Many business people enjoy a nice round of golf or a community event with the family to show your business partners are normal people with normal lives.  Building a relationship outside of work cements the camaraderie and loyalty between business partners.

Offer Before Asking – This is a wonderful way of selling in the market place.  Give a little piece of your business prior to asking for a sale.  Webinars, blogs, and speaking engagements are ways to give the potential customers a piece of what you are about without asking for a sale.  Ensure that you do this in your business relationships as well.  Let your partners know you are in to help with one facet of combined goal and see what they are willing to contribute.

Settle Disputes – When it comes to business, there will always be disputes that occur.  It is important to remember that all disagreements should be handled calmly and professionally.  If dealing with your partners via phone or internet meetings, it may be wise to meet in person and ensure that proper tone and emotion are conveyed face-to-face.

Find Aspiring Relationships – Find relationships that will better your place in the business world.  You want to surround yourself with successful people that you would like to follow the footsteps of in the business world.  You want to be around others that can bring knowledge and experience and not just business partners beginning their careers with you.  But it always good to have personal friendships in the business world as well.  Personal relationships are good for business due to the trust already built and satisfaction with work and play balance.

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