Time Management Tips

When you are running a business, keeping everyone on task and working productively is the key to success.  Finding ways to maximize output with the least amount of input is always the best way to run a business.   Below are some tips to ensure success for your particular field of business.

Prioritize – Have a system in place to determine what should be worked on first and what is not as urgent.  Many people perform these rankings with color codes.  If something is urgent and important, it will be worked first.  There are then tasks that are important, but not urgent at the moment.  Then there are tasks that are urgent, but not as important.  These tasks should be performed, but can be delegated to anyone to perform.  There are also tasks that have to be done that are not urgent or important, so they obviously can be done as time permits.  Keeping a chart or list of tasks currently in progress is the best way to keep track of what the office is attending to and how things are progressing.

It’s Okay to Say No – There are going to be times when you have to tell the customer that you cannot fulfill their order in time.  This should be a rare instance, since you want to always allow for the last-minute orders that may come in.  You should be staffed to handle all the work that comes in, but also ready to do a bit more if asked.  Learn from the experience and prepare for the unexpected and have a fee in place that you can charge for these particular cases.

Plan Ahead – By not having a clear set of goals and plans for the day, you are creating a chaotic atmosphere.  Take 15 minutes the day before to compile a list of what needs to be done the next day.  Arrive a little early first thing in the morning, so you can begin to put your tasks in the order that makes the most sense.  This 15 minutes before and after the work day will save you so much time throughout the day and keep you ahead of schedule.

Distractions – Keep your tasks on point.  Make sure to eliminate distractions as much as possible.  Schedule in social media/email breaks to check your messages, but don’t answer them as they come in or you will be severely behind during the day.  Shut your door and get to work and schedule talking to others on a break.

Delegate – Many business leaders are so focused on their business that they forget to delegate to those they have hired and entrusted to work for their business.  Use your employees to their max and show them that you trust their instincts.  This will create a bond between both of you and foster growth within your company.  People want to be a part of what they believe in and will do their best work for people that trust in them.

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