Tips for Getting Organized

Organization is a wonderful way to get things in order and to save time and energy, by having things in a particular space.  There are so many ways you can adopt to create a sense of organization in your life and below are a few tips that will get you to you calm and happy place.


Look at your home in sections for areas of clutter.  Spend a bit of time looking at one area and go through the items in that specific area.  If you have not looked at them in over six months and they are not a memory keepsake, they should be removed from the home.  Think about if the item is worth value and you should sell it or donate it.  If the item is of no value, consider recycling it.  Clutter actually has an impact on your well-being and can make you feel overwhelmed when you come home and see the chaos.


Many of us need to get on track with simplification of our lives.  There should be conscientious efforts to keep collections and junk to a minimum.  Make sure you get things cleaned up and work on a system that will keep things in order for the long term.  Simplify in terms of separate tasks you may have to perform in a day.  Consider setting up automatic bill pay to get bills paid, or get auto shipments of dog food at regular intervals to ensure that is one thing you can check off your list.  Adding technical helpers into your life can simplify and save you time that you can spend your extra time wherever you see fit.

Share Responsibilities

Think about your daily list of responsibilities and consider your spouse or co-worker’s list.  Make sure that you let others help you if they can.  Delegating tasks can be a way to get your life organized and increase the amount of free time you have.  Combine trips that are close on your task list and get things in order to ensure you have more time for fun in your life.


Make an annual habit of filing your yearly paperwork in the new year.  This may include the paperwork you get ready for taxes, but it also may be backing up your computer, saving photos off of your phone, and getting work documents filed for the year.  Performing this task yearly is a great way to make it a habit that you continue to ensure organization remains an integral part of your life permanently.


Make a list of goals you have for the new year and prioritize the goals you have set in a reasonable and sensible manner.  Start small and go big towards the end.  Making small stepping stone goals is a great way to ensure you stay motivated in your quest for a better and healthier you.  The list should be highly achievable and should be something that you strive for on a daily basis.

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