Tips to Limit Busyness

Life is so busy and most of us would like to reduce the busyness that has come into our lives.  With more free time, you can spend time with friends and family, do yoga, read a book, and just relax.  Enjoying life should be the main goal, and not listening to the nagging voice in the back of your mind telling you that you have more important work tasks to complete.

Not-to-do list – This list is very important and should be taken into account when you are performing a to-do list.   A not-to-do list should be full of things and people that take away from your life and cost energy.  It should include tasks that are repetitive and have no value.  These tasks will keep you away from reaching your true potential.

Play Busy – Be unavailable at times and show others that you don’t need to leap when your phone rings or you get a message on social media.  This is extremely important when you are out with others, because your interest in your phone and surroundings may be offensive.

Commit Less – Usually we talk about committing more when it comes to relationships and the gym.  However, make less appointments and meetings that you must actually attend.  Try and resolve issues via technology, so you can free up time for other activities.

Work Less – Make sure you set a cut off time for your work day and try not to go over.  If you can work from home, it may be taking over your life.  Set clear boundaries to ensure you are not infringing on your family time.

Outsource – When you are a boss, you learn to delegate.  You are the boss of your life, so learn to delegate.  Make a list of repetitive tasks that you hate doing and find someone else to step in.  Maybe it is someone to mow the lawn or opting for grocery pick up to cut down your time on important tasks that do not need to be completed by you.

Make a Priority Task Daily – Have one task that takes precedence over every other task for the day and don’t rest until it is complete.  Get this task complete and then allow yourself to relax, because the rest of the day will be easier without the stress of a priority task not being completed.

Plan Smart – Make sure to budget your time and finish work assignments ahead of time.  This will help to reduce pressure and keep you ahead of the game.

Learn to Say No – Even when you want to help, think about your schedule and think about who will suffer if you say yes.  Your commitments and your time will affect many more people than just yourself, so use your time wisely.

Automate – Set up bill payments to occur automatically and ensure that you set up auto deliveries of frequently used items.  All this saved time will can be devoted to exercise or maybe even a hobby.

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