Top Traits of Great Coaches

Many of us associate coaches with sports, which is accurate.  However, there are coaches in all aspects of our lives.  Coaches are also integral to the workplace.  Learning which traits are deemed essential for successful coaches is the key to a successful business.


Good coaches are aware of themselves and they understand how they coach and what style they have when coaching.  Being aware of yourself is a skill that can take some time to build.


When you are coaching on and off the field, it is imperative that you are bringing specifics to those you are coaching.  Let others know their problem areas and give a specific and defined way for them to improve.

Come Prepared

When you are coaching, there should always be a game plan.  Having a plan to carry through during the day is a way to stay on track and on task.  You should know what areas need to be worked on prior to embarking on your journey.


When you are a coach, you are responsible for letting others know what your expectations are for them.  They need to be aware of what is expected when it comes to their performance. If you are running a business, your employees need to know what quotas they should make to be successful.


Coaches need to listen to their players on their team and understand their viewpoints.  The players on this team are essential and what they know can benefit you and your business.  Learning from those who put in the work is the smartest thing a coach can do for their team.


We often encounter less that desirable results in the workplace.  How you treat your people when the team fails or falls short is important.  Make sure that you are encouraging all the way through and coaching when there is a loss.  Blaming and pointing fingers is not necessary and will not improve the overall goal of the organization.


There should be resources provided with all coaching sessions. If there is a new goal or idea, the players may need extra resources to bulk up their learning.  Understanding the entire aspect of the situation can improve the behavior of the staff and the organization overall.


A great coach will seek out new ideas and work to improve their team.  They will work tirelessly to ensure their team has the newest and greatest innovations to allow their team to excel.  Being open to new ideas is a wonderful way to succeed in business and truly create a phenomenal workplace.


When coaching any team, you must go in full force and show that you are there for the long haul.  Coaching a team takes a lot of work and discipline and your team needs to know you will be there and are ready to take on any challenges that may occur.  You must devote your time and energy into improving and challenging your team to do its best.

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