Elections and How the Process Works

Many of us have differing viewpoints on politics, but we all should agree on the meticulous process.  There are many facets to the election process that many Americans are not even aware occur.  These details make it a bit more complicated than just winning a popular vote.  Understanding your vote and how it is processed is a very important part of the process.

How to Foster Team Creativity

Many organizations need teams to produce creative products.  Blending science with art can magnify team effectiveness.  The key is to find approaches to enhance creativity and collaboration.  This can be a challenge, when you are blending so many different personalities and ideas.  However, you should embrace the differences between others to magnify creativity.

Tips for Delegation

Delegation is an assignment of a task or authority to another person.  This process is imperative in management and leadership.  Delegating can be hard if you don’t trust the people you are delegating to in the workplace.  Here are some tips to get you started in the right direction:

Leadership Qualities

Leaders are those we turn to when we have questions or concerns about a task.  Some define a leader as someone who commands a group.  As times have changed, we realize that leaders are important, but not the only people responsible for a company’s success.  In a generation with millennials, it has become more difficult to instill passion and empowerment in the workplace.  There are some qualities and tips that can be used to improve an organization.

Leadership Development

Training for the leaders in your organization is a key concept if you plan on having a successful business.  Many organizations believe that a training course is all you need to get your leaders ready to perform; however, there is much more to it than just a training class full of ice breakers and best practices.  The training process is in-house and will take time.

Formal Training

Community Building

Businesses thrive if they have employees that feel like they are a part of a community.  They need to have a sense of belonging where they are passionate about something larger than themselves.  Feeling as though you are just a cog in the wheel of big business is not the way to grow a healthy business.  Companies need to spend some time reengaging their employees and working on their management practices.  Leadership should be tied to management and not seen as separate entities.

Discovering your Talents

Everyone has at least one talent that can benefit the business world.  Many people have difficulty determining what that talent may be.  We all focus on fixing what we are lacking and forget to focus on our strengths and build from there.  We also tend to be modest and not acknowledge our exceptional skills. 

Problem Solving Skills

Problems are a part of work and life.  It seems they always crop up and there is never enough time to solve them properly before another problem occurs.  This causes us to temporarily patch issues to alleviate tension, but failing to completely fix an issue can lead to larger problems down the line.  Management should see problems that arise as a way to improve and tighten the processes and workflow.  A positive attitude is always an essential character trait for a successful leader

Emotional Intelligence

What is emotional intelligence?  EI, as it is also called, is the ability to control and manage your emotions and the emotions of people around you.  Individuals that have high EI are able to understand how the feel in a given situation and how others will react to their emotions at the same time.  A strong leader must be able to control their emotions and understand other’s emotions at the same time.  A leader that can keep their feelings in check during a stressful time can calm and reassure those around them to and keep operations running smoothly.<


What is ethics?  Often times it depends on who you are and where you come from.  It is often thought of as a set of rules regarding what is wrong and what is right.  Everyone has a different line that they may be willing to cross given a certain situation or circumstance.  Ethics are not actual laws, because they are not black and white.  Most societal standards are ethical in nature, but society can become corrupt and unethical and still follow the law (i.e. slavery, Nazi Germany).