Personal Development Skills

We all develop in our own time and at our own pace.  One thing is certain, that is that we will personally develop throughout our entire lives.  The development process is ongoing and is a process where people assess their skills and consider their goals and how best to achieve them in the future.

Procrastination in Business

Procrastination is a horrible trait to have in life and especially in business.  Putting off tasks that should be done today until tomorrow may be detrimental to your company.  Finishing tasks on time is essential in business, especially since we do not always know what tomorrow will bring.  Getting off task could mean losing a business account or missing the opportunity to shine in the business world.  Procrastination usually occurs when tasks are difficult, boring, ambiguous, unstructured, or frustrating.  Here are some tips to keep procrastination out of the workplace.<

Personal Missions

A personal mission statement defines who you are as a person and discusses your purpose in life and in a work setting.  These mission statements should be the cornerstone of your business.  They allow you to define your purpose and should describe your vision.  This statement forces clarity and should motivate you to make positive changes in life and in business.  Here are tips to get you started: