Tips for Virtual Learning

This year has been challenging, but the hardest thing to overcome is not having a school system put in place.  Virtual learning can be challenging, even for the most disciplined adults.  However, trying to teach kids how to learn from home can be hard for parents, who are not teachers and for children who are not in a “school-like” environments.  Here are a few tips to make the transition more successful.

First Impressions: Guidelines for Job Interviews

It goes without saying that first impressions count for a lot.  Not just in business, but also in life.  A first impression is made within the first four seconds of meeting someone and cannot be taken back.  There are no mulligans in first impressions.  You never have a second chance to make a first impression.  But what is involved in a first impression?  Is it what we are wearing?  The way we carry ourselves?  Maybe even our speech; viz., not just what we say but how we saying it (tone, enunciation, grammar, etc.). 

Motivation in Business

Motivation is defined as a reason for acting in a particular way.  Having motivation in your business is an excellent way to achieve success.  Having a workplace that people respect and feel respected at will instill a sense of pride and motivation to work hard.  Here are some tips to help with motivation in the workplace.

Emotional Intelligence

What is emotional intelligence?  EI, as it is also called, is the ability to control and manage your emotions and the emotions of people around you.  Individuals that have high EI are able to understand how the feel in a given situation and how others will react to their emotions at the same time.  A strong leader must be able to control their emotions and understand other’s emotions at the same time.  A leader that can keep their feelings in check during a stressful time can calm and reassure those around them to and keep operations running smoothly.<