How to Meet and Date More People

Submitted by myersdavis on Thu, 04/02/2020 - 03:36 pm

Your life can be very rewarding if you have a great family, good friends, and a great job.  However, you may feel as if you are missing that special person in your life.  With the busy-paced lifestyle we lead, it may be hard to find someone to truly connect with on a deep level.  Here are some tips on how to meet the right person for you in the dating world.

Relationships in Business

Submitted by myersdavis on Thu, 12/27/2018 - 12:18 am

Building relationships takes plenty of dedication and hard work.  In the business world, they are a necessity.  Business networks are everything and if you can stay connected to a select group of people, you can count on them for insight and direction.  Business relationships require a bit of give and take.  They must be nourished and maintained to grow and continue to be prosperous.  Below are some tips to consider when building businesses and relationships.