Turning Weaknesses into Strengths

If all things were magical, we would all have amazing strengths in life and business and weaknesses in nothing.  However, in the real world, we all have things that we excel at and things that we are not so great at in life.  Believing that you should be good at everything you do to become successful is a fallacy.  You just need to learn where your weaknesses are and determine how you can improve them or how you can find ways to compensate for your weaknesses.


The first step to improving anything in your life is realizing that you have something to improve.  Avoiding confrontation, even with yourself, is just going to prolong the inevitable.  Be honest with yourself and admit defeat.


Make sure to find someone to discuss your business dealings with that you trust.  Talking with a friend that is just going to agree with you is not the type of person you should seek out.  You should be looking for someone that understands your business and knows you and your background.  Trust in their opinions and allow them to help you see past what you are not able to see.


One very important task is preparing for your weakness.  If you are horrible with remembering things, use your phone and computer to send you reminders in advance.  You can also leave sticky notes to remind you in the morning of your errands.  If you are bad with directions, make sure you always use a GPS system to ensure you are getting to and from your locations in the quickest and most efficient manner.


When you are thinking about a task that you are not that great at performing, consider hiring. If the task is going to take a lot of time to learn or if it requires software or training, look into hiring a professional who knows how to perform the task and who has extensive training.  Leave the heavy lifting to the experts.

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When you are lacking in a quality or skill, do your best to improve your knowledge in that subject area.  You may not be very good at the task, but if you at least understand the task better and what is required to perform the task, you can still manage others who can perform the task.  It is imperative that you know enough to be able to manage a team and understand what type of timing should be expected on different projects.


When you are struggling to understand a concept or skill, look for help and determine where the gap exists.  There may be a way to bridge the gap and you just may find a niche that needs your help.  If you can see where others get stuck in the process, you may be able to find a solution that helps people just like yourself.  This may create a new business venture that helps you and your entire business group excel.

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