Disability Rights Arkansas

Disability Rights Arkansas (DRA) is the independent, private, nonprofit, nonpartisan Protection and Advocacy (P&A) organization authorized by Federal and State law to protect and advocate for the civil and legal rights of people with disabilities in Arkansas. Each state in the U.S. has a P&A. The purpose of P&A organizations is to protect and advocate for the civil rights of individuals with disabilities. They are separate from the government but are funded by federal and state grants, private grants/sponsors, and individual donations.

DRA helps people with disabilities on anything from legal advice to service referrals to self-advocacy. DRA is a source of information regarding rights for anyone with disabilities. They can also intervene in cases of abuse, neglect, exploitation, or mistreatment. DRA has the authority (and does not need any consent) to inspect any institution or facility that provides housing for people with disabilities. This can, therefore, help to ensure that those with disabilities receive appropriate and lawful services. DRA services are free to anyone with a disability.

According to their website, their offices are located at 400 West Capitol Avenue, Suite #1200, Little Rock, AR 72201. The entrance to the parking garage is on 4th street between Broadway and Spring. Once you have parked, take the parking elevator to the 2nd level, then cross the lobby to the main building elevators, which will take you to the 12th floor.

You can visit their website here: Disability Rights Arkansas

They are an amazing resource for the state of Arkansas, and they also have lots of information on other resources as well. You can find their resources page here: Resources – Disability Rights Arkansas

DRA has a very informative podcast named “Including You” that is worth listening to. You can find it here: Including You: A Disability Rights Arkansas Podcast – Disability Rights Arkansas

To find more resources from Myers-Davis, you can visit our Disability Resources Library here: Disability Resources Library – Myers-Davis Life Coaching (myersdavis.com)

Disability Rights Arkansas (DRA) is the independent, private, nonprofit, nonpartisan Protection and Advocacy (P&A) organization for the state of Arkansas.

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