Alissa Strother

A short bio? Hmm… where to start?

My name is Alissa. No, wait. Too basic.

Presenting… Alissa Strother, Director of Marketing for Myers-Davis Life Coaching, Inc. I was born/raised in Independence County, Arkansas. I married my wonderful husband, Sawyer, in 2015. Since then, we have had two children; 2 boys named Oliver and Slade. My son Oliver has a disability in the form of partial deafness; he has a cochlear implant. I love watching him succeed and conquer challenges in his way.

I enjoy spending time outdoors and with family/friends. I love to play badminton, air hockey, and ride ATVs. I also favor music. I always have an earbud in or tunes coming from my speaker.  

I started with Myers-Davis in the Human Resources field but learned that the field is not for everyone (including me). I always hoped I would end up in the marketing field since it was my favorite subject in college. I just didn’t quite know how to achieve that dream until now. From a previous life stage, I have 8 years of banking experience with Citizens Bank and Centennial Bank. I also have an additional 4 years of customer service experience under my belt. I first obtained an Associate of Arts degree in General Education with Business focus from the U of A Community College at Batesville. Then, I furthered my education achieving a BAS in Business Administration from the University of Arkansas- Fort Smith. 

Since I share in the Christian Faith, I strive to do my best work as if I were working for our God and not for humankind. I also try to be a light and brighten other people’s days.

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