Dianne Thomas

My name is Dianne Thomas, and I have spent the best years of my life raising my kids (6 total) who have rewarded me with 14 precious grandchildren. My husband Roy, has been on this journey with me for 43 years, and our gatherings are loud and fueled with so much love and laughter. On a lazy day, I might be found trout fishing, playing bridge, reading a book or just enjoying my family. They were my biggest cheerleaders when I went back to college and earned a BS degree concentrating in social work from Arkansas State University. 


My BS degree has been put to its best use with the job I hold at Myers-Davis Life Coaching, Inc.  I am so blessed to be a part of the Myers-Davis team spearheaded with the strongest, most loving leaders who make everything we do more fulfilling. I believe the best thing I bring to my job here is a strong desire to make even a small difference in the lives of the kids we work with. Today’s teens have something to say, and they deserve to be heard. Just listen! 

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