Emma Fryman

A little about me…

I am a stay-at-home momma to my sweet baby girl, and a wife to my hardworking husband who is a die-hard Saints fan. I started photography as a hobby back in 2020, and it’s grown into a part time business that allows me to stay home! It has opened more doors than I ever thought possible. God definitely had His hand in that. Most of my days are spent chasing my toddler, reheating my coffee for the 5th time, and making lists. I am a multitasker, busybody, and do not like to sit idle. One of my favorite things to do is go thrifting. If you compliment my outfit, you’ll likely here me say.. “Thanks, I got it for $5!!” I am not a naturally funny person, but I enjoy making people laugh. They usually get a tickle out of my awkwardness, and that’s fine by me.

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