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In attempting to form a meaningful relationship with someone, whom would you choose to work with: a negative old scrooge, or someone with a winsome, laughter-loving and upbeat personality that makes you smile like Tom Selleck every time you see them? Silly question, right? My inspiration for asking such a ridiculously ludicrous question comes from a television commercial.

First, though, I need you to know that I detest at least ninety percent of all TV commercials. I am so very thankful for my remote control with “mute” and “fast forward” on it in order to whittle through all the gratingly obnoxious and senseless TV commercials. But, of the three that I do remember liking, in my lifetime of watching, is a recent one that I have delighted in watching over and over. It’s my all-time favorite, so far.

The advertiser is a well-known automobile manufacturer. It’s about a playful and lively, two or three-year-old, girl and her admiring daddy. In the ad, he acts like he’s going to “get her” and she backs up hurriedly on her foot-controlled scooter, almost running into a big trash can when her mother stops her. Surprised, the child looks at her daddy and they both start laughing; she has a big grin on her face and a wonderful little giggle in her happy laughter.

The next scene has them all in their new car (the child in a safety seat in back) and Daddy’s backing out of the driveway when the car automatically makes an abrupt emergency stop before it hits their trash barrel. All three appear shocked when the daddy turns to check on, and smile at, the child and she smiles back. Then she breaks out laughing with that contagious and rollicking, happy laugh, and her daddy, of course, starts laughing as well. And I’m in love, on Cloud Nine, as I joyously laugh with them and thank God for cheerful little children and good-humored daddies who can drive away dullness with meaningful merriment. Thanks to you, as well, Nissan Advertising!

“He will once again fill your mouth with laughter and your lips with shouts of joy.” (Job 8:21, NLT) 

-John D.

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