Think of it this way. . .

          “You have to decide to pursue your wildest dreams.” Rachel Hollis seems to be suggesting, by her statement, that we may be able to do something wonderfully fulfilling with our lives – that it’s simply a choice and we have a certain control over it. It may take determination and fortitude to stay the course, but all it takes to begin is a simple decision. When, and if, you finally decide to start a job, a plan, or a project, give it your best calculated shot, get after it and “get’er done!”

                   “A good life does not dwell too much on the past, nor on the

                    future. Create life anew each day but relate life today with

                    the lessons of the past and with the ambitions of the future.”

                                                                                           – Murry Banks

            At the same time, in such an imperfect world as this, expect distractions and disappointments, but never be too discouraged. Don’t be afraid of the challenges and changes. In fact, expect and watch for them. Then handle each one as it pops up and knock it back down. Here’s something that’s helped me over the years, that I want to share, to help shape your mental make-up for accomplishing all this (I don’t know who wrote it):

           What you would be, you can become. The desire ever before you justifies the claim. To dream of good and to attempt to translate those dreams into action, prove the existence of those very attributes which you long to attain. Do believe that nothing is too good to be true. It is already manifest and waiting to be applied. Potentially, you are what you long to be. Take heart. To those who earnestly believe, all things are possible. Mere desire is not enough. It must be buttressed by strong purpose. There is a discontent which, if it makes you strive for better conditions, or to reach a better standard of life and conduct, becomes a spur instead of a hindrance.

-John D.

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