“I’m Not Just Getting Older; I’m Getting Better!”

“I’m Not Just Getting Older; I’m Getting Better!”

Think of it this way. . .    

          An unsatisfied curiosity can be a frustrating condition for anyone, perhaps more so for a child. There seems to be such a stifling difference from our curiosity in adolescence and when we’re “on up in years.” Losing that curiosity can stymie our intentions to grow and become successful adults. It must be human nature for us to affirm and reaffirm what we already hold to, by way of beliefs and convictions, rather than to search and study for possible improvements. We tend to get settled-in to our own “comfort zones.” Beth Moore writes: “Some of our belief systems haven’t changed in so long they have cobwebs.”

          Believing we’re never too old to learn, what if we tried to give vent to our curiosities like we did when we were kids. Isn’t it wonderful to watch children’s inquisitiveness displayed in their exploring, searching and discovering? How would we ever grow in our knowledge and mental abilities if we convince our-selves that we already know enough about everything? I’m talking about a healthy and rewarding search for information by continuing to study, observe, experiment and discover. And this should characterize our over-all mental posture throughout our time on earth. This way, as you are getting older, you’re also getting better!

          My pat/quirky answer when asked, “How’re you doing?” is “Better.” And if they say something like, “Oh, I didn’t know have you been sick?” I’ll answer, “No, I’m just getting better and better” (and in my mind I’m thinking, “Yessir, every day in so many ways, I am getting better and better). And there’s that up-beat attitude in-play (and it’s not all naiveness, either). It’s the nature of an energy, interest, and inertial guidance of youth that impels me onward and upward.

                              Getting older shouldn’t be a deterring factor,

                             Just ‘fake-it-’til-you-make-it’– be a good actor.

                   “Look at a day when you are supremely satisfied at the end.

                    It’s not a day when you lounge around doing nothing; it’s

                    when you’ve had everything to do, and you’ve done it!”

                                                                                      -Margaret Thatcher

-John D.

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