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 Is history important to you? Should it be? Your personal family history? Or that of our country? I believe history is important to God. The Bible is replete with a history of mankind, especially of the Israelite (or Jewish) nation. Although the Bible is not a history book, its’ history is true in every respect. I was reminded of our nation’s history after reading Victor D. Hanson’s speech at Michigan’s Hillsdale College, Oct. 2, 2019. It hit me like an alarming warning. Here’s a brief summary of his abridged version:

          “The American nation was successful in uniting individuals of different races and creeds into one people based on shared principles…the best example in history of positive nationalism.

          “Today, our citizenship is eroding and, along with it, American nationalism in the positive sense is disappearing in three ways.

  • First, by blurring the lines between ‘residents’ and citizens.…We have 45-to 50-million non-native-born ‘residents’ (about 20 million are illegals who can de facto live here indefinitely).
  • Second, we’re becoming a country of tribes. Diversity is encouraged rather than unity, and current policies discriminate against citizens while illegal ‘residents’ can go back and forth across the border as they please and even vote here! The notion that we’re a nation of different races, but share a common culture is also eroding.
  • Third, the middle class, encouraged and celebrated since our country’s founding, is now under attack…along with a formal assault on the Constitution by our elites.

          “We need to support colleges that continue to teach and support policies that recognize a distinction between citizens and non-citizens and that bolster the  middle class, and that will defend the Constitution, our last great hope to ensure American continuity and security.”

           Perhaps, with time and camouflagic lies, history may be changed by those with hidden agendas, but truth’s realities are what they are and “Truth will out.” If not in this life, then certainly in the next. God’s justice and judgement will see to it.

-John D.

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