Sudden Living!

Sudden Living!

Think of this way. . .

You’ve heard of sudden death? Have you heard of sudden living? Either one or both may happen at any time, many times (figuratively), during our lifetime. Ever wish you “could just die” or wish you were “dead” due to some rough going? Like, “Nobody knows the troubles I’ve seen; nobody knows my sorrow”? Some-one with experience wrote, “Life has become a struggle to keep our weight down and our spirits up.”

What would it take to make someone who feels so low-down and moody- blue to come back around and feel that life is good and truly worth living again?

Would it take winning the lottery, falling heir to a fortune or “getting noticed” with some degree of fame? Surely we don’t live our lives “trusting to luck” and simply waiting for our “boat to come in.” Again, it’s a choice that’s all yours to make. Wouldn’t you be willing to do what it takes to get yourself out of the doldrums, to pick yourself up, and start all over again with a constructively readjusted attitude?

What would you say if I suggested that, when you’re feeling this way, muster what strength you can, find someone who really is ‘down and out’ and help them find encouragement and hope in your enthusiasm, in your offers of kindness and compassion (even if you have to “fake-it-‘til-you-make-it”). It can work wonders: like an infusion of a revitalized lust for life or like an epiphany of a manifestation of motivation and protracted hope! And t

And that is what I call “Sudden Life.” Hey, don’t knock it ‘til you rock it.

“When you think there’s no bright tomorrow

And you feel you can’t try again

Suddenly there’s a valley

Where hope and love begin” – Chuck Meyer, Biff Jones

Death is not a period, but only a comma in the story of a life well-spent.

“When you are an anvil, hold you still;

When you are a hammer, strike your fill.” — John Florio, 1591

“To life! To life! L’Chayim!”

-John D.

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