Why, Oh Why Do I Don’t?

Think of it this way . . .       

When I was a young lad, my dad would accuse me of having no incentive, or maybe it was initiative, and, then again, it might have been enterprise. What matters here is that I think he thought I was manifesting a behavior of laziness. But you must remember that I went through a phase in my youth as an inveterate dreamer – I spent a good deal of time thinking of all the things I could and would do and making plans. Best I can figure it, I must have been waiting for the proper motivation.

Dad’s negative approach didn’t help much, but it did get me to thinking more seriously about my manifest impasse. In time I came to understand the difference between a simple dreamy notion and a stimulating volition, (an act of making a choice or decision) which has reference to the will, i.e., our voluntary powers. It was like:

Why, Oh Why Do I Don’t?

by J. V. Driggers (May be sung to tune of “Where Oh, Where Has My Little Dog Gone?”)

Oh why, oh why do I don’t want to?

Oh why, oh why do I don’t?

If I would I could, but I ain’t so I cain’t.

Oh why, oh why do I don’t?

As more time went by, I concluded that what it takes is will-power; a strong, stimulating motive that causes a person to act (not just dream about it). When it comes to individual volition, one will definitely display a willingness or unwilling- ness, resolution or irresolution, a motive or lack of motive. There you have it: motive + incentive + initiative = an enterprising self-motivation! It is mustering the power and strength (mentally, emotionally & physically) from within one’s own soul (the will) to act. Not only can I do this, I will do it. Just you stand back and watch!

                                                          John D.

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