Think of it this way . . .     

          Since coaching is “to train intensively (as by instruction and demonstration)” and life is “a way or manner of living” and put these two together, I have come up with a way of explaining the phrase “life coaching.” It is to teach others how to have confidence in holding on to a fair hope of living a satisfyingly happy and fruitful life. Thing is, we’re born into this world unable to even take care of ourselves; we depend entirely on others. As we grow, we still need help. Thus, we learn, by example and instruction, how to conduct ourselves in all the facets of our lives.

No one is born knowing everything about how to live. We learn how to live. And it’s imperative that you learn how to live with yourself before you’re ever able to love and live with anyone else. Call it life experience education. Yet what are we taught in high school? Diagnosing sentences? Plane geometry? Trigonometry? – and many other subjects not required to get into a mental hospital; although the trigonometry may get you in a little faster.

 Why don’t they teach us how to overcome worry, how to prevent ulcers, or how to work together using honesty, trust and politeness as guiding principles.? Aren’t these just as, or more, important?

          A team of us went to Omsk, Siberia to teach the Bible and found out that the best way to do it was, and is, to teach fundamental ethics using Bible stories and examples. What’s a better textbook than the Bible when it comes to the discipline dealing with what is good and bad and moral duty and obligation? That’s ethics – a “study of the general nature of the specific choices an individual makes in relating to others.” This approach proved to be quite popular. That seemed odd to me because, due to the Communist philosophy, they had denounced God and had become corrupt in their dealings among themselves as well as with others.

          If, and when, people who are the least bit intelligent are made aware of how much criminal mischief and injustice is going on all around them; when they begin to see the hurt, suspicion and distrust it’s causing, and they feel themselves being influenced to think they, too, must resort to that same degrading lifestyle, surely they would be open to a new and better way to live. And they were!

          “The more you invest in learning how to live well, the more likely

           you are to attain a better and more rewarding life.” -Murry Banks

-John D.

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