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We are Advocates. We are Encouragers. We are Coaches. We are Myers-Davis.

At this rate “Dealing with XYZ at Work” may become a recurring way for me to talk through my own barriers to productivity and mental health blocks at work.

“The heart of a Champion is a rare commodity. Everyone wants it, but very few are willing to earn it.” So what do we do? We hold on to all we’ve got!

Myers-Davis Life Coaching provides services and support to those with intellectual and developmental disabilities. Want to help out on the mission? Donate to Myers-Davis Foundation!

Need information and guidance on important disability & health related topics? Visit our Disability Resource Library to find educational content and links to helpful websites! 

We offer a host of services from disability-related to general coaching. Check out the services we offer under our Services menu at the top of our website! 

Myers-Davis is always looking for people to help us support our mission and vision. Come be part of our team to make a difference. For more information on employment with us, please click here!

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