5 Yoga Poses to Help You Focus

Yoga is not only a good and calming way to get your exercise, but it has a multitude of mental health benefits; one being that it helps with your concentration. Focusing your attention on the poses during yoga (and focusing on the breathing and movements) will not only improve your balancing skills but will also improve your concentration and focusing skills. Below you can find some of the best yoga poses that will help you boost your focusing capabilities.

Tree Pose
The tree pose has you balance on one leg, which requires a great deal of attentiveness to stabilize. Focusing on balancing during this pose is a great way to start practicing your focusing skills. 

Warrior lll
The warrior lll pose is another pose where you have to focus on your stability. You are parallel to the ground while balancing on only one leg, so if your mind starts to wonder, there is a good chance that you will lose your balance.

Side Plank
Because the side plank has two points of contact with the ground, it may seem like an easier pose than the ones listed above; however, you are going to need just as much concentration to master this pose! It is very easy to fall forwards and backwards if you lose your focus.

Crow Pose
This is another pose that has two points of contact on the ground, but it’s even harder than the previous side plank pose. Instead of having your feet and one arm to balance, you have to rely solely on both of your arms to keep you balanced while both of your feet are off the ground. This requires complete presence and concentration, or you will not be able to stay balanced.

The best and therefore hardest pose to try on this list is the headstand pose. You have to consistently and completely focus on this task, or you will fall. It is the ultimate test to your concentration skills!

Good luck and have fun!!

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