7 Tips to Increase Your Creativity

Do you ever think back to when you were a kid and miss just how creative you used to be? We, as people, tend to be very creative in our younger years, but sometimes we can lose that creativity as we age. It may feel impossible to get your creativity back, but if you work on it you can improve your creative thinking and become imaginative again. As with most things, all you really need to do is practice, and these next few tips will help you with that.

Make Time
Making time each week to do something creative will inevitably help boost your creativity. If you don’t make time for your creative talents, you won’t be able to develop them. Even if you only concentrate on a creative project for 30 minutes per week, it will still tremendously help in boosting your creativity.

Take Risks
When you are working on a creative project, don’t always just do what you’re comfortable with, or what you always do. Sometimes you need to be willing to take risks so you can advance your abilities. You won’t succeed every time, but you will almost always learn something new that will help build your skills.

Build Your Confidence
Having low confidence in your abilities can suppress your creativity and make you not want to spend time on any creative projects. Building your confidence can prevent this and help you to see how far you’ve come. Always make sure you are taking note of your progress and reward yourself for each goal you accomplish.

Keep A Journal
Keeping a journal can help build your creativity because it will be easier to follow your creative process. You can keep track of the ideas you come up with and save some ideas for when you need inspiration. It is also a great way to reflect on yourself and your accomplishments when you need a confidence boost!

Daydreaming is actually a great way to boost your creativity, even though we sometimes give it a negative connotation. Sometimes if you are having difficulty finding your creativity, you could allow yourself to be bored, leading to daydreaming, which ultimately leads to a creativity boost. Boredom can produce creative thinking because it sends a signal that the situation you are in is insufficient, and looking for new ideas and inspiration helps to solve that.

Take Advantage of Your Emotions
Studies have shown that strong states of emotion, whether positive or negative, are related to creative thinking. Instead of sitting around and sulking the next time you’re in a bad mood, try to take advantage of your emotions and apply some of that  energy towards one of your creative projects. Even though negative feelings can be unpleasant, you can make the most of them by working on something productive.

Go Walk
If you are sitting at your desk struggling to come up with a good, creative idea, try getting up and going for a walk. People tend to be more creative when they are out walking rather than sitting. Walking can temporarily improve certain types of thinking, so when you feel like you are in a rut, getting out and looking for some inspiration outside is a great way to improve your creative thinking.

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